Thomas Ryckewaert (Kortrijk, 1979) studied Biology at the KULeuven and Dramatic Arts at the Antwerp Conservatory. Today, his scientific background nourishes his creations. After intensive research periods he sculpts his findings into visual, almost cinematic theater.

Thomas’ work balances on the borders between theatre, dance and installation. He explores the relationship between the alien and the human, the weird and the intimate, biology and technology, reality and fiction. His work has been described as poetical, radical, visual and ritual.

What does the non-human – whether biological, inanimate or technological – teach us about being human? What kind of shifts occur when we introduce an alien agency into our habitat? What does the post-human universe look like?

His most recent works include Golem and Move 37 and are an exploration into the relationship between art and science, a relationship that reflects the tension between the abstract level on which technology operates and the tangible plane of human emotions. On Golem, press wrote: ‘A magnetizing universe, a hypnotic tunnel. Ryckewaert is one of the most intelligent and theatrically skilled directors of his generation, ready for the big stage.’ On Move 37: ‘Not just your average lecture performance, but a David Lynch movie of sorts – in which inexplicable things create a permanent friction between the normal and the radically weird. Fascinating.’

As a freelance actor he frequently works for theatre, film and television. He is a regular guest professor at P.A.R.T.S.


Management theater creations: Karen Feys k.feys@bemove.org

Acting agent: Gwen Maduro gwen@favortalents.com