Thomas Ryckewaert (1979) is a Belgian biologist, actor and director. His scientific background nourishes his creations. After intensive research periods he sculpts his findings into visual, immersive theatre.

Thomas’ work balances on the borders between theatre, dance and installation. He enters into collaborations with light-, sound-, installation- and video-artists, his performers are children, actors, dancers, amateurs, scientists or priests. He aims to explore the relationship between the alien and the human, the weird and the intimate, biology and technology, reality and fiction. His work has been described as poetical, radical, visual and ritual.

His most recent works are an exploration into the relationship between art and science, a relationship that reflects the tension between the abstract level on which theory and technology operate and the tangible plane of human emotions.

As an actor he frequently works for theatre, film and television. He has worked with directors Ivo Van Hove, Erik De Volder, Lucas Vandervost, Hans Herbots, Stijn Coninx, Martijn Maria Smits, Nathalie Teirlinck, Urszula Antoniak, amongst others. For his main role in the feature film Waldstille he was nominated for Best Actor in the Golden Calf competition at the Dutch Film Festival 2017. He recently starred in the series The Serpent (2022, Netflix) and Arcadia (2023, NPO/VRT).

He is a regular guest professor at P.A.R.T.S.


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